Authorities warn of hackers Juice Jacking phones from public USB charging outlets – WSOC Charlotte


PITT COUNTY, N.C. – Authorities are warning that USB charging outlets found at places such as airports or coffee shops could be filled with malware from hackers, WCTI reported.

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Officials said they call it “juice jacking,” and it’s basically using malware and extracting information from phones using these outlets.

Christopher Lee, a Computer Geeks I.T. technician said a hacker could take over a phone in seconds and potentially put someone’s private information into the wrong hands.

“They’re very good at what they do and they can take advantage of the moment, the fear, the excitement, and turn it against you,” Lee said.

Lee recommends always keeping a phone’s software up-to-date to help protect the device from hackers. He also said other ways to protect a phone include using a wall outlet, bringing your own portable charger and only buying chargers from reliable sources.


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