Live Day Trading Crude Oil, emini S&P and Gold 2-7-2017

This is a video of 3 simultaneous trades on Tuesday, Feb. 7th 2017.

The emini S&P had moved above a resistance area from two days ago. A long trade was entered but failed to rally. The 2 contracts were stopped out for a 5 tick loss. Net result on the 2 contract trade was a $125 loss.

The crude oil had opened with fierce selling. The market had bounced about half way but when selling came back in the market did not make a new low for the day. Instead, the selling was aggressive and was rejected which offered a long trade opportunity. The trade was entered with 4 contracts at 2 locations. The first objective of plus 15 ticks was reached and 2 of the 4 contracts were exited with a limit order. The second half of the position was exited with a stop order for a 6 tick profit per contract. Net result on the 4 contract trade was a plus 42 tick profit or $420.

The gold market has been in an up interday auction and confirmation of that bias was exhibited early in the trading day. A long trade of 2 contracts was entered once a rejection of aggressive selling had been confirmed. The first objective of plus 21 ticks was reached. The second contract was exited with a stop order for a plus 24 tick profit. Net result on the 2 contract trade was a 45 tick profit or $450.

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