Live Day Trading Euro Currency 1-24-2017

This is a video of a live day trade taken in the Euro Currency futures market on Tuesday 1-24-2017.  We don’t usually trade the euro currency but today offered an exceptionally good opportunity. There was continuation higher in the early regular trading hours. That rally took the market very near the highs of the very heavy sell-off from the 8th of December. Once the market had rejected two waves of early buying today the short trade was entered.
The first 2 of the 4 contracts traded were exited with a limit order for a 10 tick profit per contract. The third contract was also exited with a limit order for a 20 tick profit. The final contract was exited with a stop order for a 15.5 tick profit.

Net result on the trade was 55.5 ticks, equal to $693.75. I was fortunate on this trade in that the market sold off almost immediately being filled. This trade was an excellent example of how using the interday auction can be combined with the intraday analysis using the day trade the markets software.

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