•       Eminidaytrader is an educational site focusing on teaching traders how to become consistently profitable day trading the futures markets. The site and trading education has been developed by a trader with 34 years trading experience.
  •       Trading and charting includes using the MATS (Market Auction Trading System) software, developed for the Ninjatrader platform. Emini S&P (ES) is the main market traded. Other markets covered are: GC, CL, ZS, 6E, NQ, YM and RT.
  •       MATS is much more than just software, it’s a trading approach rooted in the auction process. The other primary focus is of self discovery as to what works best for each individual trader. Some of the features include; auction direction, auction, structures, auction cycles, brackets, anticipated auction beginnings and endings, Volume analysis, support, resistance, trade weighting, trade process, trade protection, trade objectives, risk vs temperament, trade execution vs mind set, and trade management vs anxiety.

          Sample GC chart below with 1-min MATS software, entry and exit marked up
        Sample ES 1-minute chart below with MATS software

        Sample ZS 1-min chart below with 1-min MATS software

        Sample GC 1-min chart below with 1-min MATS software